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Becoming an IB School at Sejong Academy with Lisa Maren Thompson

September 06, 2021 Jon Peterson Season 2 Episode 29
IB Matters
Becoming an IB School at Sejong Academy with Lisa Maren Thompson
Show Notes

In this episode we talk to Lisa Maren Thompson from Sejong Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota. Sejong Academy is an MYP candidate school nearing the end of the candidacy phase to become an official IB World School. 

Like the other podcasts we have done in the “Becoming an IB School” series, the keys to a succesful IB school candidacy are the people in the school community. They need to be knowledgeable, passionate and above all, caring. Lisa and the staff at Sejong have all of these attributes. Listen to hear how they are transforming their school and building toward upcoming site visits from their consultant and the verification team.

You can learn much more about Sejong Academy, and becoming an IB World School using the links  below and by checking out other podcasts we have produced on the process of becoming an IB School.

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